In the United States, aquarium keeping is the second-most popular hobby. It is estimated that over nine million households own an aquarium. Keeping an aquarium is exciting, but also an investment. You must buy equipment to maintain your aquarium. Two of the largest and most expensive, are the filter and the heater.

By utilizing the material properites of Aluminum, we can create a two-in-one filtration system

Heat Conductive


The body of the filter is a simple aluminum extrusion. By utilizing aluminum, the filter capitalizes on it’s material properties of being able to distribute heat and that it will not corrode.

Aqualum is an aluminum extruded feature that cycles the water of an aquarium by taking in water from the sides, which is then pushed upwards in the system by the electrically magnetized propeller. The water is then moved through and filtered. As the water is released back into the aquarium, coils within the frame heat and regulate the temperature of the water – and ultimately the tank.